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The Philippine Premier Screening: Never Surrender - The Ed Ramsey Story
Friday, November 10,2017
18:00 Reception
19:30 Screening
Oasis Hotel, Clark Perimeter Road, Angeles City, Pampanga

Luau Fundraiser - FOTH Christmas for Kids
Saturday, November 25, 2017
Magic Mountain Adventure Resort


Embassy Outreach
March 13, 2015

VA Outreach
January 22, 2015


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Retired Activities Office
Subic Bay, Philippines
  RAO Subic Bay is an Independent Retired Activities Coordination Office which provides vital services to U.S. military retirees living in this area, remote from any Navy installation.

Authorization & Support

The RAO is authorized by SECNAVINST 5420.169J and OPNAVINST 1720.3F to tailor its services to the needs of the local retired community, and bears full responsibility for financing its operation and maintenance costs. The RAO receives the same DoD support offered to any retiree or patriotic organization.

Corrections, Additions, & Deletions

This informal and unofficial information was prepared by members of the RAO who are also members of the VFW, FRA and American Legion. If you note any errors, want to contribute, or would like to see something revised, added or deleted, please pass your comments to RAO Voice or call/email the RAO Director at the address listed below.

0900 to 1500 Monday through Friday
Closed on US and Philippine Holidays

Jack Walker
USMC (Ret.)

P.O. Box 075
Olongapo City, 2200
OR: PSC 517 Box 5000R
FPO AP 96517-1000
Phone: [+63] 47-222-2314
Fax: [+63] 47-222-2899
Email: dir@raosubic.com
Important Announcement
October Updates
The RAO will be closed on 31 OCT and 1 NOV, in observance of all saints eve and all souls day. It is anticipated the Embassy and VA will also be closed those days. Mail Day will be changed to 2 Nov that week.

Greetings from the VA Manila Outpatient Clinic!

Please be advised the U.S. Embassy to include the VA Manila Regional Office and Outpatient Clinic (OPC) have implemented new entrance requirements and has added to the list of restricted items that cannot be carried into a U.S. Embassy facility/property.

In addition, Veterans are being reminded about important changes that became effective October 2, 2017.
1. No ID, No Entrance, No Exceptions: Effective October 1, 2017 the U.S. Embassy Regional Security Office no longer permit Veterans, attendants, and family members to enter a U.S. Embassy facility to include the VA Manila Regional Office and Outpatient Clinic without a valid picture ID. This includes all Veterans and their family members. Family members and attendants over the age of 14 will also need to provide a valid ID.

2. Prohibited Items: Laptop computers including large device and tablets have been added to the list of US Embassy restricted items (e.g. any kind to include pocket knives, cameras, recording devices, and any larger electronic devices). Neither the U.S. Embassy guards nor VA staff are not permitted to accept or store the device. Also, taking pictures and recording videos are prohibited. Recordings will be subject to deletions.

3. Walk-in Hours: Veterans without a scheduled appointment may walk-in to the VA Manila Regional Office and Outpatient Clinic from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Veterans without a scheduled appointment may not enter the facility after 1 pm.

4. Beneficiary Travel Discontinued: Effective October 1, 2017, VA Manila Outpatient Clinic discontinued paying beneficiary travel.

5. Letters of Authority: Effective October 1, 2017, VA Manila Outpatient Clinic (OPC) discontinued issuing Letters of Authority (LOA) for all care that cannot be provided by (OPC). However, OPC continues to provide the same primary and specialty care, medications, laboratory, X-Ray and prosthetics services to qualified Veterans enrolled in the clinic.

6. Foreign Medical Program: Effective October 1, 2017, the FMP will pay or reimburse for all care and services outside of VA Manila OPC, e.g., outpatient, inpatient hospitalization, emergency care, diagnostics, dialysis, chemotherapy, etc. Veterans may pay the provider and then file for FMP reimbursement by submitting the bill and medical documentation to FMP, or their provider, if willing, may submit the bill and medical documentation for direct payment by FMP. Any non-service connected (NSC) care acquired from the community is at your expense.

7. Hospitals That Will Bill FMP: Listed below are hospitals that will accept the FMP "benefits authorization letter" and have agreed to bill FMP for care/services provided to treat the Veteran’s service connected conditions. Please present your FMP "benefits authorization letter" every time you need treatment in the hospitals listed below. Failure to present the FMP "benefits authorization letter" will require you to make outright payment for services and seek reimbursement from the FMP. Any FMP reimbursement claims that are not for service-connected disabilities will be rejected by FMP.
- Avitus Kidney Care
- Baypoint Hospital - Olongapo (Baypoint is changing their name to ACE effective November 1, 2017).
- Divine Grace - Cavite
- Lorma Medical City - LaUnion
- Manila Doctors - United Nations Blvd
- Metro Psychiatry Facility - Pasig
- Sacred Heart - Angeles
- The Medical City - Clark
- The Medical City - Iloilo
- The Medical City - Ortigas
- St. Luke’s, Quezon City

The OPC staff continue to meet with community hospitals to encourage them to transition from VA to FMP. Veterans are also encouraged to solicit their providers of choice to participate in FMP. The list above will be updated as facilities are added and/or deleted. The list of participating hospitals is subject to change without notice and the VA is not responsible if the facility above chooses not to participate. For additional information, please contact the VA Manila Regional Office or Outpatient Clinic by calling 02 550-3888 and press the appropriate number.

The below event is open to all veterans and families, act fast as tickets are limited and selling quickly.
FOTH Annual USMC Cake Cutting Ceremony 2017

November 11, 2017 @12:00
Arizona Resort, Barrio Barretto, Subic
600.00 per person, with commerative cup.

FOTH Social at Score Bar Immediately Follows (no wags at social)
For tickets, please see Jack at RAO Subic or Gene, Steve or Geoff at Angeles.

Come join the pageantry, merryment, comraderie, buffet and cake.
Special guest speaker Dean "Skip" Smith, (RVN W/ Suicide Charlie 1/7)

It is with extreme sadness that we announce that Dennis Voge (Bosin Locker Dennis) reported to USS Heaven early this morning. A shipmate who it was truly a pleasure to know. Announcement of services is pending the families planning and will be released soon as know. Rest in peace shipmate, your comradeship and smile will be sorely missed!
With great sadness we announce long time member Tom Huntsman, has reported to his final duty station, Arrangements are pending arrival of his son.

There may be a short term lapse in TRICARE coverage as they may have to be re-certified, in that event we will try to get the word out soon as we know. If that occurs vets and family can use Medical City for that period if they desire. This does not effect FMP coverage.

The RAO has provided both Baypointe and Medical City clark with FMP authorization letters on the following vets:

Ace Mangiliman Verville
Ardon Morgan Walker
Avens Oppenheimer Wright
Dollete Ream Yost
Elio Robinson  
Fortin Sargent  
Fox Smith WA  
Hinson Spillers  
Leuenberger Turner  

If you have received your FMP letter please drop off a copy so we can forward to both Hospitals.

FMP is about 2 weeks from becoming reality. If you have been living in a cave, or just got back from a long stay in the states and have no idea what FMP is, please come in and I'll explain it yo you. If you have not already requested registration, you are already nearly 3 weeks late and will not be able to receive service connected treatment from FMP providers, until you have your letter. Once you get your letter please check it against ebenefits and provide a copy to the RAO for filing at Baypointe and Medical City, thanks

RAO Subic Open 1 September along with Embassy and VA also info on Cube World Care Seminar

The RAO in the spirit of sharing information regarding Healthcare changes and programs available in the Philippines is providing info on a new program which may be of benefit to our senior U. S. veterans and families, (65+). The RAO does not endorse any company or individuals, or receive any gratuities for sharing this info.

A program named Philippines Cube Care has been introduced here. From the info explained to us, it has 2 elements. Firstly it provides for registration in the US under a HMO. So when you're in the states the HMO takes care of all your healthcare needs. The second element is care here in the Philippines. Under the program your inpatient and emergency needs are taken care of by the HMO on a reimbursement basis. Your outpatient care is handled by a management company called Cube World. That company contracts with HMO's, Doctors and Hospitals, and provides for your needs here and in the US.

What are the costs? None! You have already been paying for it. In the U.S. HMO's are paid by Medicare to provide for your care, and as already stated you have been paying monthly if you are enrolled in Part A and B medicare. As a value added part of the program, the HMO is using it's assets to try to keep you healthy here, so you don't cost them huge amounts when you go back to the U.S. for care. Also Cube World has added the outpatient portion of the program here for the same reason.

As this is a new program in the Philippines, care here has begun with a contract Cube World has made with Baypoint Hospital.Plans to expand to other hospitals and Doctors are on the horizon. Above was the statement that the program is paid for on a reimbursable basis, but Baypoint has taken it a step further. They have agreed to provide for a line-of-credit to Cube members. You get your care and file the claim and the hospital bill gets paid.(much like Tricare, Blue Cross and Philhealth.)

As with any new program, the old salts have seen these come and go. Some have been helpful and some downright disasters. I'm sure we have all heard the stories. And of course we have the guys who sit on their PC's all day with the goal of making life as nasty for others as theirs is, so we will probably hear from them about programs they don't have the slightest idea about.To help you be more informed we have asked Cube World to provide a FAQ sheet which we have posted on the RAO web Site for your reference in learning more about the program. Additionally, Cube World has offered and open invitation to these experts to attend a meeting to actually get educated about the program and provide the actual source of their comments and ramblings.

Cube world plans a seminar to be held at the Baretto VFW at 0930 on 14 September. If interested please send email to cubecare101@gmail.com to make a reservation. THERE ARE 5 REMAINING SEATS so you should act fast. Cube has asked that this email be used only for making reservations as it is not a general purpose email.

2018 VA Manila Benefits Fact Sheet For Distribution to All Veterans Living in the Philippines

Greetings from the VA Manila Outpatient Clinic

Here is the FY2018 Fact Sheet that is effective October 1, 2017. The fact sheet provides important information about the medical care and services available to U.S. Veterans living and traveling in the Philippines. To avail of services to treat a rated/adjudicated service connected condition, Veterans are advised to enroll in both the VA Manila Outpatient Clinic and the Foreign Medical Program (FMP).

The VA Outpatient Clinic will continue to provide the same primary and specialty care, medications, laboratory, X-Ray and prosthetics services that are now available in the clinic. The Foreign Medical Program (FMP) will pay or reimburse for all care and services outside of the clinic, e.g., outpatient, inpatient hospitalization, emergency care, diagnostics, dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.

FMP is a world-wide VA program so in addition to obtaining medical care and services in the Philippines, Veterans can also use FMP while living or traveling in other foreign countries. Upon registering in the Foreign Medical Program, the Veteran will receive a “benefits authorization letter”. The authorization letter lists all of the Veterans rated and adjudicated service connected conditions and should be presented to the treating facility/provider when obtaining services or care that are not available in the clinic.

Listed below are hospitals that will accept the FMP “benefits authorization letter” and have agreed to bill FMP for care/services provided to treat the Veteran’s service connected conditions. When the letter is not provided, the Veteran will be expected to pay for services and seek reimbursement from the FMP. The cost of medical care/services that are not service connected must be paid by the Veteran.

  1. Divine Grace - Cavite
  2. Manila Doctors - United Nations Blvd
  3. Metro Psychiatry Facility - Pasig
  4. Sacred Heart - Angeles
  5. The Medical City - Clark
  6. The Medical City - Iloilo
  7. Lorma Medical City - LaUnion
  8. Baypoint Hospital - Olongapo
  9. St. Luke’s, Quezon City

The clinic staff continue to meet with hospitals to encourage them to transition from VA to FMP. The list above will be updated as facilities are added and/or deleted. The list of participating hospitals is subject to change without notice and the VA is not responsible if the facility above chooses not to participate.

New RAO Service to Members
RAO has added an additional service for our Vets. Thru an arrangement with Cebu Pacific, we have allowed them to load one of our computers with a direct link to their company. They are offering corporate fares to our Vets for flights throughout SouthEast Asia and Guam. The RAO is offering this service at no fee and receives no payments for doing this, it is simply in the interest of providing all the services we can. You can research and reserve your flight, just like you would do on your own computer, but in this case they offer you better rates. You then pay for it through a variety of places such as 7/11. You must come into the office as we will not be able to assist you over the phone or via email.

Dependent ID Cards Update
Just confirmed Dependent I D card renewals are now being done at JUSTMAG.

HOW TO: Google Rapids sites, select Manila, make appt. if available.
Take to appt. downloaded form 1172-2 signed by sponsor, NSO/PSA copy of Marriage Cert,/ Birth Cert for children. Copy of DD214. Original of any Divorce Decrees.

VA News

A few updates on VA news

1. Veterans in Philippines will not receive health care-related travel expenses, but will not have to repay expenses mistakenly paid Since 2008, VA regulations no longer permit the reimbursement of Veterans' travel expenses for health care visits and compensation-and-pension examinations in the Philippines. However, the U.S. VA Manila Outpatient Clinic, in the Philippines, continued to provide such travel payments to the present. VA announced today that, effective October 1, 2017, it will discontinue providing any travel expenses in the Philippines, and it will not require Veterans to repay travel expenses that were coordinated by the Manila clinic from 2008-2017.

I'm sure we will hear "there they go again, taking away our benefits. As you can see above this was being paid since 2008 mistakenly, so it follows this was not a benefit we rated. We know that if a bank made a mistake and was depositing money into your account, for the past 9 years, they sure as s---, would make you pay it back. Be happy VA isnt a bank!

2. We heard today that after some lengthy negotiations by VA, Subic RAO and Angeles VFW, both Baypointe and Medical City Clark, have decided to participate in the FMP program. We will continue to talk with other providers in these area's to get more of them involved. How it works, the Vet provides a copy of their authorization letter from FMP for service connected illness and doesn't pay upfront. The Hospitals will file the claims and be reimbursed by FMP. Vets should note that just like Tricare, all Dr's may not participate so check that before receiving treatment.

That brings us to a touchy subject. Ensure what you are treated for and by whom are all covered under the FMP. One of the problems it is so hard to get Dr's and Hospitals to participate is the attitude of some Vets. As an example you are rated for a heart condition, get admitted and develop pneumonia. You have a letter saying your service connected for the heart condition, but not for Pneumonia, so when checking out you have to pay a bill for the pneumonia. (unless you have Tricare it will cover it but you pay 25%). Many times the providers tell us, the Vet gets overheated and begins a unwanted dialogue with the staff belittling them personally or calling them names and screaming and yelling, because the Vet didn't follow the rules and ensure the treatment was authorized or they requested additional treatment that was not covered. It only takes a few times for this to happen and the Hospital doesn't want to play anymore. Now we end up losing them as a provider and this effects all the other 15,000 vets who now have to travel to other cities to get treatment. This travel is without travel pay as you read above. Suddenly we have a bunch of upset Vets who have to go through this because of one guy who doesn't want to follow the rules. Having spent a lot of time negotiating with the hospitals, I for one will be pretty upset if one malcontent causes us to loose the local providers. I can promise, (not a threat) whoever that malcontent is that causes this problem will become very unpopular with the Vet population in both Angeles and Subic. If one disagrees with the billing, don't make the worker lose face by yelling and belittling, ask to speak to management and have the problem resolved. No one wants to be screamed at and belittled in public. Ok time to get off the soap box.

3. We have sent Baypointe the documents required to enroll in providing the exams required by VA for C&P exams that are now handled by VES (Veterans Evaluation Services). The more local providers we can get involved will result in Vets not having to travel to distant exotic places like Neuva Ecija, Cavite and Mindinao (I'm sure everyone has those locations on their bucket list), this should help as we will no longer receive travel pay starting 1 Oct. this could save us all a bunch of Pesos.

Mailing Privilege for Retired Military Personnel

We just received the below letter from FPO Manila. It sets the standards for weight of packages mailed and or received through FPO. This came about due to a member ordering 9 boxes of materials from Amazon and having it shipped FPO. When confronted on his violation he replied I was never told. "COW DUNG". Every member is given their new box number and the P O box number, during that they are informed to use the P O box for packages over 16 oz. To ensure no further violations occur we will request every member sign a statement of understanding to acknowledge they have been so informed. Violation of the mailing standards puts us all in danger of losing the privilege. Many receive their checks and meds through this service and we are not going to permit those who can't follow the rules to have it taken away from those who truly need it.

On a personal note to me, the FPO stated members will be given one warning and any violations after will result in debarment from the FPO process. Please consider this the one warning. We cannot permit a member to put us all in danger of losing this privilege. Thank you to those who for so many years have used the service correctly.

Read the Memorandum

Philippine Cube World FAQ Sheet

There has been a lot of misinformation and false rumors recklessly being thrown around about the Cube World Company Philippine Program. Whether because of ignorance, fear, or just a need to feel important by trying to come up with something that sounds relevant, the people spreading this inaccurate and false information are doing a great disservice to those who can actually benefit from healthcare here in the Philippines.

For those of you that are interested in finding out more about what the Cube World Philippines Program has to offer you in terms of healthcare, Read the FAQ document here.

RAO Dues

A reminder, renewal of dues for 2017 begins 1 Jan 2017. Yearly dues is now $75.00 ffective 1 Jan 2017.

Those paying via checks, please make check payable to "RAO".

Tricare Standard becoming Tricare Select

Starting January 1, 2018, TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra are converting into a new plan, TRICARE Select. If you currently use TRICARE Standard or TRICARE Extra: Your plan name will change to TRICARE Select.

Most will automatically be enrolled in TRICARE Select and will remain in Select unless you choose to change your coverage.

Features for TRICARE Prime On January 1, 2018, if you are currently enrolledin TRICARE Prime, you will remain in Prime unless you choose to change your coverage.

Features for Both Plans: Annual enrollment will change from fiscal year (October 1 - September 30) to calendar year (expect to see more information this year). If you choose to switch between Prime and Select, you must do so during an open enrollment period or within 90 days of a major life event like marriage, divorce, child birth, moving, and others. TRICARE will provide more details as they become available.

Certificate for Cold War Service Recognition

Came upon this by accident, but wanted to offer to all. Here's a chance to get a certificate for service between 1945 and 1991. Best of all it will be signed by the Secretary of Defense, Gen (MadDog Mattis). Fill in the application linked below, sign, and fax along with a copy of your DD214 or if not available;. Acceptable documentation includes any official government or military document that contains the recipient’s name, Social Security Number or Military Service Number or Foreign Service Number, and a date showing at least one day of service during the Cold War era (2 September 1945 to 26 December 1991). Examples include your discharge paperwork, DD Form 214, military medals or awards, old pay stubs, or other documents.

Application for Cold War Recognition Certificate


You can have it sent to a U.S. address, I used my FPO address (see what happens), on street box I used my PSC address and box number, for city FPO, state AP, zip 96517. Should work.

FINAL REMINDER - Discontinuation of Additional Visa Pages for U.S. Passport

U.S. Embassy, Manila, Philippines

Message for U.S. Citizens: FINAL REMINDER - Discontinuation of Additional Visa Pages for U.S. Passport beginning on January 1, 2016

November 30, 2015


The U.S. Embassy wishes to remind U.S. citizens in the Philippines that the Department of State will discontinue the consular service of adding additional visa pages to U.S. passports beginning January 1, 2016. Requests for additional visa pages will still be accepted for existing passports through December 31, 2015.

Starting January 1, 2016, applicants who need extra visa pages will need to apply for a new passport book. Instructions on how to renew your passport or apply for visa pages for your existing passport can be found on our website http://manila.usembassy.gov/service/passports/renewal.html.


A quick update on the payment for passports with demand draft through BPI bank.

We have become aware that in order to purchase a demand draft through BPI you have to have an account with the bank. I spoke with the manager at subic BPI and he has given the below recommendations for resolving this problem;

Option 1. Open a peso simple savings account for P200 and a p50 admin charge. Deposit the equivalent amount to $110.00 plus the cost of the draft. Then request the draft and send with your passport application.

Option 2. Open a dollar account, which requires a $500.00 deposit to start, deposit $110.00 and request the demand draft and send with your application.

Option 3. Find a friend who has a BPI account and give them the money for the draft and send with your application.

Certificates of Appreciation from U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg
Area Embassy Warden Norman Tuzon (Left) and District Embassy Warden Jack Walker (Right) receive Certificates of Appreciation from U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg

Philippine American Surviving Partner Support Club (PASPSC)

Philippine American Surviving Partner Support Club (PASPSC) Launching June 26, 2015

The RAO developed the PASPSC to start a community with the surviving partners to support each member through the impact of loss and the bureaucracy that goes with it.

Website: https://paspsc.wordpress.com/

Jocelyn Dahlman is the Lead of the PASPSC
Her contact email is paspsc@yahoo.com
or contact the RAO for further information.


FY 2014 VA Manila Handbook

Available for download: VA Manila Handbook 2014 (1.1MB)


All Concerned Military Retired & Dep ID's

ID Card initial issue is through JUSMAG at the embassy. Renewal for Retirees and widows is all done at JUSMAG. All others are done through mail in. See JUSMAG website on US Embassy page for instructions.

New Year's U.S./PHL Sun, Jan 1
M. L. King Jr. U.S. Mon, Jan 18
Chinese New Year PHL Sat, Jan. 28
Presidents U.S. Mon, Feb 20
Maundy Thurs PHL Thu, Apr. 13
Good Friday PHL Fri, Apr. 14
Bataan & Corregidor PHL Sat, Apr 9
Phil. Labor PHL Mon, May 1
U.S. Memorial U.S. Mon, May 29
Philippine Independence PHL Mon, Jun 12
U.S. Independence U.S. Tue, Jul 4
Eid-ul-Fitr PHL Mon, Jun 26
Ninoy Aquino PHL Mon, Aug 21
Heroes PHL Mon, Aug 28
U.S. Labor U.S. Mon, Sep 4
Columbus U.S. Mon, Oct 9
All Saints PHL Wed, Nov 1
Veterans U.S. Fri, Nov 10
Thanksgiving U.S. Thu, Nov 23
Bonifacio PHL Thu, Nov 30
Christmas U.S./PHL Mon, Dec 25
Rizal Day PHL Sat, Dec 30


RAO Staff
From top left: Amelito De Guzman, Crispulo Bronil, Gloria Oliva De Guzman, Marife Tayabas, Lyca O. De Guzman, Ma. Emilina D. Doble, Nonoy L. Acma, Solomon D. Rico
Seated from left: Ken Kimura, Jack Walker, Jeff Robinson
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