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Saturday, November 25, 2005 the VFW 9892 Bauang, La Union held their annual chili cook-off. It is a beautiful place on the beach to have a chili cook-off. A good time was had by all. As you look at these pictures you will notice the smallest chili cooker and a very pretty one at that. I managed to get a picture of the Miss chili pepper contestants prior to the start of the beauty contest.They are the ones in the shade of a tree. I think they look just fine with their street clothes.

Anyway back to the chili. The chili is judged by a panel of 8 to 10 judges, depends on who will volunteer to do so, and they judge the chili on looks, body, smell and taste. Walking around the different cook sites I sampled some damn good chili and some that, well, was just not what I think would be chili. I have cooked chili here and other places over the years and have won however, not at the annual chili cook-off in La Union. The winners are:

First place VFW 9892
Second place Quality Garments (Subic Zambales)
Third place VFW 124 (Angeles City Pampanga)

The miss chili pepper contest is a four part event. They are judged in every day street clothes, costumes, bathing suits and evening gowns. It got too hot for me in the sun and I did not have someone to run for cold beer to keep me refueled so I retired to the bar for a cold one; and apologize for not getting the evening gown event. Also I was not able to get the first names, but well what the heck. They are indeed some beautiful ladies. The winners of the beauty contest are:

First place is the lady sponsored by Pup tent 7
Second place is the lady sponsored by Finnegan’s

Enjoy the pictures. They have a story of their own. Being a Shriner I could not help taking pictures of any children I could. One of the shots is of twins. I had a lot of fun with the kids there. When the beauty contest started and the first girl past me I barked at her like a dog. One of the little boys did also and I said “you guys want to have some fun”? Of course they said yes. So I told them on three we will all bark. So when the next and subsequent ladies came by I would say one, two three and we all barked. More and more kids even girls got in the game and the Filipinos went wild. Never pass up a moment to enjoy with a child.

Chester Gross
Director RAO Subic