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WHAT: Embassy Outreach
WHEN: Friday, Septembe 29,2017
TIME: 0800 to 1100
WHERE: Mansion Garden Hotel
Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Please be advised no electronic items larger then 6" or backpacks will be permitted in the function room. All bags will be subject to search for your protection.

Outreach, will occur as defined below. Please no questions about any other Embassy sections who are not listed on this memo, being in attendance.

Outreach Actitiviies

WHAT: Philippine Cube World Health Care Announcement Seminar
WHEN: Wednesday, August 16, 2017
TIME: 0930

The RAO in the spirit of sharing information regarding Healthcare changes and programs available in the Philippines is providing info on a new program which may be of benefit to our senior U. S. veterans and families, (65+). The RAO does not endorse any company or individuals, or receive any gratuities for sharing this info.

A program named Philippines Cube World has been introduced here. From the info explained to us, it has 2 elements. Firstly it provides for registration in the U S under a HMO. So when you're in the states the HMO takes care of all your healthcare needs. The second element is care here in the Philippines. Under the program your inpatient and emergency needs are taken care of by the HMO on a reimbursement basis, to you. You don't pay upfront. Your outpatient care is handled by a management company called Cube World. That company contracts with HMO's, Doctors and Hospitals, and provides for your needs here and in the U S. 

What are the costs? None! You have already been paying for it. In the U.S. HMO's are paid by Medicare to provide for your care, and as already stated you have been paying monthly if you are enrolled in Part A and B medicare. As a value added part of the program, the HMO is using it's assets to try to keep you healthy here, so you don't cost them huge amounts when you go back to the U.S. for care. Also Cube World has added the outpatient portion of the program here for the same reason. 

As this is a new program in the Philippines, care here has begun with a contract Cube World has made with Baypoint Hospital.Plans to expand to other hospitals and Doctors are on the horizon. Above was the statement that the program is paid for on a reimbursable basis, but Baypoint has taken it a step further. They have agreed to provide for a line-of-credit to Cube members. You get your care and file the claim and the hospital bill gets paid.(much like Tricare, Blue Cross and Philhealth.)

As with any new program, the old salts have seen these come and go. Some have been helpful and some downright disasters. I'm sure we have all heard the stories. And of course we have the guys who sit on their PC's all day with the goal of making life as nasty for others as theirs is, so we will probably hear from them about programs they don't have the slightest idea about.To help you be more informed we have asked Cube World to provide a FAQ sheet which we have posted on the RAO web Site for your reference in learning more about the program. Additionally, Cube World has offered and open invitation to these experts to attend a meeting to actually get educated about the program and provide the actual source of their comments and ramblings. 

Cube world plans a seminar to be held at the Baretto VFW at 0930 on 16 Aug. If interested please send email to cubecare101@gmail.com to make a reservation. Seating is limited so you should act fast. Cube has asked that this email be used only for making reservations as it is not a general purpose email.

WHAT: U.S. Navy Recruiter's Visit
WHEN: Mondad, Tuesday, June 5-6, 2017
TIME: 0800
Navy Recruiter's Poster