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Olongapo City

The town is still here, but much quieter with many places closed. The sewage and drainage systems in Olongapo City have been extensively refurbished since the Base was closed, but significant flooding occurred in May and August of 1997.

Some places of interest still doing business are listed below. We have also added a few new ones, but this is not an attempt to list all the business in the area frequented by retirees.

Magsaysay Drive

  • Mister Donut
  • Anne Raquel
  • American Legion Post 4 (still looking for a few more good men)
  • Kong's Restaurant
  • DBS (money exchange)
  • Arlene's Hotel
  • Souvenir shops
  • Some new hotels

Fendler Street Ext.

  • O.G.'s Point Bar

East Fifth Street

  • Arlene's (money exchange)

East Seventh Street

  • Philippine Immigration Office

Gordon Avenue

  • Pagasa Market
  • Mercury Drug (just past the market; good stock, no lines or beggars)

Rizal Avenue

  • Sam's - still serving good soul food
  • April Mae - money exchange
  • National Statistics Office (20th Street)
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Bajac-Bajac Market
  • Mercury Drug (across from the market)
  • Ocampo Department Store
  • Conti-J Supermarket - aircon'd, formerly Plaza Hotel
  • Choa's Supermarket and Department Store (behind the market)

National Hiway (en route Barrio Barretto)

  • Mercury Drug (extensively refurbished)
  • Goodyear - tires, alignment, tune-ups
  • Agua Vida - good, cheap mineral water (bulk, processed spring water)
  • Halfmoon Hotel/Grass Hut Restaurant

Barrio Barretto

Lot of changes since the USN departed. There are a significant number of European, Aussie and Canadian guys who vacation here during the dry season from November through March, as well as some who are year-around residents.

BARRIO BARRETTO is growing like wild fire. Many people say why so many bars and no more people. Well, the answer is simple. The Koreans are building a, ship building and repair facility across the bay at the site of the old green beach. When finished they will bring in hundreds of Koreans to supervise Filipino workers. This means more people here also a glass company is coming in and it will mean more jobs for the locals and more people. Internal tourism has increased four fold. When school is out the beaches are loaded and on regular weekends.


  • Papagayo's
  • Mirage
  • Suzuki
  • T'Rose
  • By the Sea
  • Marmont
  • Dryden's
  • Mangos


  • Dynamite Dicks
  • Route 69
  • Cocoa Lips
  • Trader Rick's
  • Hot Zone
  • Sip and Bull
  • Wet Spot
  • Lagoon
  • Treasure Island
  • Arizona
  • Alaska Bar
  • T-Rose - Sam Houston; also has rooms (Jim Hanson passed away in January 00)
  • Dixie - aircon'd; Ken Mills from Angeles City; originally Hap & Shorty's place
  • Midway - Jack Kingsley
  • VMax (Olongapo)
  • Mango's - Beach bar; Lobster Room at 1800 (aircon'd); Tom Myers of Rock Lobster fame and associates; formerly Hideaway
  • Beachside Cafe - Aussie owned, formerly Doll House and Fantasy Island
  • Bart's - also a hotel with small swimming pool

RESTAURANTS (many of which have bars)

  • The Coffee Shop - CB's place
  • Johannsens - next to Uncle Bob's
  • Mister Donut (across from RAO)
  • Mirage Hotel & Restaurant
  • Papayago (Cantina Mexicana) - Mexican food
  • Suzuki Hotel and Restaurant
  • Subic Bayside Hotel & Beach Resort
  • By the Sea - aircon'd inside; Mongolian BBQ outside on Friday nights
  • VFW POST 11447 - good breakfasts and specials
  • Marmont Hotel - large swimming pool
  • Subic Garden Hotel and Restaurant
  • VMax (Olongapo)
  • Mango's - good food & supper specials; a little more expensive, but worth it
  • Rosa's Bar Restaurant
  • Beachside Cafe - pizza
  • Bart's - small swimming pool
  • Javier's Beach Resort
  • Midnight Rambler


  • Barrio Mini Mart (Rizal St.)
  • Shopwell (Rizal St.) -- supermarket
  • Zambales Bank
  • Bunao Dental Clinic
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Family Clinic (associated with Health Visions Corp)
  • Swagman Travel
  • Aqua Safe -- good, cheap mineral water (bulk, processed city water)
  • The General's Gym - Don West pumping iron - fully equipped
  • Swagman Travel
  • Bayaban Dental Clinic
  • Queen of Laundry - owned/operated by the wife of a retiree
  • Bye Bye Gift Shop
  • Arlene's - Money Exchange
  • Country Road Gift Shop


The best way to describe Baloy beach is it is growing. There are many nice establishments there now and it’s a good place to go and take the wife for dinner.

BARS HOTELS RESTAURANTS (most places listed have food and rooms available)

  • Zanzibar Hotel
  • Mangroves - operated by Brian of The Galleon on SBFZ (used to have Capt Gregg's in Barretto then Magsaysay)
  • Sheavens I - formerly Porche's, Alice's, Mermaid and Cowboy Way - now Filipino owned and operated
  • Blue Rock Beach Resort - formerly Sheavens and Heaven Too
  • Beach Boulevard
  • Mr. Pumpernickel's
  • Baloy Beach Hotel
  • Seaview


A good bit of afternoon and early evening activity. Lots of local customers, many from the Subic Bay Shipyard and Engineering Company (formerly Philseco and Kawasaki Shipyard), visit Sweet Sixteen and other local "Filipino" bars in the late evening.

  • Eagles - formerly Sea Lord and Blue Note
  • Muff Divers - go-go at 1800
  • Luna - formerly Jungle Club, Bed of Roses and MOP
  • April Mae (money exchange)


  • FRA Branch 367
  • Capones Beach Resort
  • Beach Garden Resort