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RAO, Subic Bay Phillippines

July 20, 2015

We have received a lot of reports regarding money missing from members bank accounts across the whole spectrum of accounts foreign and local. It appears that all those who are missing money used ATM machines not located at banks. We can only surmise that some local bad guys have been able to place a keylogger and script reader on the ATM's and are collecting account data and making withdrawals from peoples accounts. One member was hit for more than $900.00 this past weekend. Another shows withdrawals happened in Angeles City but they never go there. That was another $500.00. Moral of the story is be aware this is happening! Protect yourself and your accounts. Don't use ATM's not located at banks. The banks clear their machines daily and hopefully this removes the programs the bad guys are using.  Also don't use ATMS at night that don't have a 24 guard. If you do have money missing your only recourse is to notify your bank that it happened, and hopefully they will reimburse you. That takes time and you may find yourself with little money for food etc. Please pass this on to everyone you come into contact with. Hopefully soon these bad guys will be caught. Don't be one of the people who can't buy supper because you ignored this warning. Semper Fi! Have gotten some add'l info on the fraud alert. Since yesterday when I sent out the initial alert we have rec'd quite a few emails telling us that many more members have been scammed. Withdrawals are being made on almost every bank U.S. and local. The ATM's where withdrawals are made vary from local to Manila and Angeles and in varying amounts. Most have been of multiple withdrawals amounting to upwards off $1100.00. I spoke with the manager of BPI near Royal and he informed me they have had quite a few incidents, are doing an ongoing investigation and a few of the bad guys had already been caught and are pending prosecution. He also passed on a few tips on some precautions you may want to observe.

1. Check the ATM for small cameras on the key pad and in the card slot or walls behind you.

 2. Check the ATM for loose keypads and card slots which would indicate possible tampering.

3. If possible do your banking inside the bank and avoid ATM's

He said for BPI, it takes about 3 working days to have the money put back into your account. Most of the other banks are about the same. You should check your account daily while this problem exists so you will identify the problem quickly and notify your bank that it has happened. There should be a contact number on your card. Check with your bank to see if they offer a fraud alert program. Some have this where you receive a email or text anytime a withdrawal is made. Again, please pass this info to all you know so the word can get out, thanks and Semper Fi!