Frequently Asked Questions


  1. There are many commercial banks in the Philippines and they will accept direct deposit of your pay. You must be in the bank to open an account. Direct deposit pay is guaranteed by third day of the month. If your money is in a bank in the USA and your DDS is to that bank, and you do not desire to change, no problem. When you arrive have enough money in traveler’s checks to get you through the next month. Open an account with a bank near you and deposit a check for the amount you believe to be your monthly budget, wait 25 days and the money is clear and can be taken out. I have been doing that for 14 years with no problems. Any questions on this please ask me.
  2. When entering the Philippines there is no problem with the things you bring in as long as they are for personal use. If you bring say five laptops you will most likely pay taxes on four of them. Use your head when bringing things into the country.

If you have other questions that is not answered from this list, please send your question, comments, and suggestion toRAO Voice and we will try to give you answers right away.