The RAO office has a good rapport with NFCU, particularly the overseas operations desk. Many transactions can be conducted by the RAO for its members.

  • Wire transfers to local banks
  • Loans (including auto loans)
  • Account balances
  • Transfer between accounts

NFCU has several policies which affect our members. Although these policies are not uniformly applied, they are still in effect. It is not the RAO's job to enforce them, but you will usually be made aware of them so that you will know it might cost you money if you decide to "try it anyway."

NFCU policy is not to issue VISA cards to members residing in the Philippines, including those using our FPO address. If you move here, your card will be canceled. NFCU will allow you to use a USA address even though that person must forward the card and statements to you.

A wire transfer must be made from your Share Savings account. It cannot be made from another account. Cost is $25. If you do not have sufficient funds in your Share Savings, at the bottom of the fax request that, prior to the wire transfer, a specified amount be transferred to your Share Savings account from either your ShareChek account, your NAVchek Line of Credit account or your VISA account.

A residual of $5.00 must remain in your Share Savings account after a wire transfer and its $10 fee. If it does not, your request will be denied for insufficient funds and you will have to retransmit (and pay for) a corrected fax.

NFCU may not honor a "transfer all available money" for a wire transfer.

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