FPO Restriction

ONLY the following items may be mailed or received via our FPO. Items not falling within those allowed will be returned to sender. Repeated violations will result in loss of privileges. Note that due to abuse of the system we have lost the ability to send small packages such as personal audio or video tapes.

All items must be one pound or less. NOTE: No merchandise regardless of weight.

  • Letters
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Prescription medicine (clearly sent by Express Scripts, no other is excepted)
  • Military eyeglasses
  • Boxes of replacement personal checks (clearly sent by a bank or credit union)

Outgoing insured, registered, certified and express mail services are not available.

All other items must be mailed at the Olongapo City Post Office or received via the P.O. Box 075, Olongapo City address. The Philippine postal system has an Express Mail service to the USA. Packages are normally registered.

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