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MEMBERSHIP Open to all U.S. retirees (military, DoD, etc.), unremarried widows of retirees, and retirees of Allied military services. Associate membership is available to merchant seamen, non-retiree U.S. citizens including those employed on SBFZ, etc. (Associate membership is primarily for use of the RAO Philippine mail service and fax service.) Only U.S. military retirees and their dependents, and unremarried widows of U.S. military retirees and their dependents are authorized to use the FPO.) The “R” in the box number means “Restricted” and violation of those US Government restrictions may cause loss of use of the FPO.

Commencing 01 Dec 2013 RAO dues will be $6.00 per month or $72.00 per year. This is a standard flat rate, There will be no partial payments accepted. We prefer dollars or dollar instruments we also accept Philippine pesos depending on the exchange rate. Due to Philippine banking restrictions no money orders can be accepted.

Get Membership form: Membership form (DOWNLOAD)
Please fill this out and email or call ( 011-63-47-222-2314 ) us for further instructions in completing your membership.

PLUS the most important thing: information when you have a problem. This is the office that dispels rumors. If they don't have the answer, they'll get it for you. Do not hesitate to email, call or fax if you have any questions prior to coming this way.