Postal Information

Mailing Addresses:

P.O. Box 075: PSC 517 Box 5000R
Olongapo City 2200 Phillpines: FPO, AP 96517-1000

The FPO can be used for free Military Postal System (MPS) delivery to certain locations. No postage is required for these authorized destinations. Write "MPS" where the stamp would normally be placed. Ships are not included since their locations are unknown to the RAO. The RAO Postmaster's decision on whether a destination is authorized is final. This is for letter mailing only "NO PACKAGES" To send or receive any packages please use the "LOCAL" PO BOX 75 ADDRESS.

The FPO mail service, is restricted to military members and their dependents. The mail service is also restricted to maximum of one pound for letter mail and absolutely NO packages.

STAMPS Letters sent via the Philippine mail system are weighed and paid for in pesos at the RAO when submitted. The RAO Postmaster will purchase the necessary stamps at the Olongapo City Post Office for mailing.

Packages, registered mail and express mail sent via the Philippine mail system must be taken to the Olongapo City Post Office by the sender.

Letters sent via the FPO are weighed and paid for in U.S. currency at the RAO when submitted. RAO personnel will apply the necessary postage.

If you wish, you can establish a dollar fund at the RAO Post Office to pay your FPO postage. RAO personnel will deduct the cost of each letter or package from your fund until it is exhausted. You can add to the fund in dollars at any time.

RETURN ADDRESSES Outgoing mail must bear your name or that of one of your registered family members. The return address must be Box 075 or PSC 517 Box R-S, corresponding to where it is to be mailed. Your home address may not be used as the return address.

DELIVERY Outgoing mail is delivered and incoming mail is picked up twice a week at the Olongapo City Post Office about noon and returned to the RAO for distribution.

FPO mail is taken to Manila very early twice a week. Outgoing FPO mail must be turned in to the RAO post office not later than 1430 afternoons in order to be taken to Manila the following day. Incoming mail is usually back in the RAO by noon for distribution.

DISTRIBUTION Anyone other than the member - including your spouse or your children - must be authorized in writing to pick up your mail and must show a picture ID. Authorization forms are available at the RAO Post Office and must be presented each time. (Completed forms can be left in your mail box.)

Mail will be placed in your individual mail box at the RAO. Items which do not fit will be held behind the counter and a note placed in your box. Notices to pick up packages at the Olongapo City Post Office will also be placed in your box.

Incoming FPO mail must be picked up within 30 days or it will be returned, unless a request to retain it longer for a specific reason is filed with the RAO post office.

EMBASSY MAIL Mail to the VA, Social Security Administration and the consulate is delivered free of charge.

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