Olongapo/Subic Information


Manila hotels are expensive. 4 and 5 star hotels are well over $100 per night. Hotels on the SBFZ may also be expensive.

Locally, the most reasonable hotels are in Barrio Barretto. Room cost varies, but good rooms are available for about 600 pesos per night. See the Liberty page.

  1. Papagayo's
  2. Mirage
  3. Suzuki
  4. Subic Bayside
  5. T'Rose
  6. By the Sea
  7. Marmont
  8. Subic Garden
  9. Dryden's
  10. Mangos
  11. Bart's
  12. Mangrove
  13. Sheaven II
  14. Zanzibar
  15. Blue Rock

Cheaper rooms are available, particularly on Baloy Beach.

Zanzibar Hotel is available on the road to Baloy.

White Rock Resort is available in Calapacuan off the road to Subic, but very expensive, about $70 per night. Hotels are also available on SBMA at about that same rate.

Reservations are recommended during the tourist season, generally November through March, and during the local summer, April through June - particularly on weekends. Reduced rates are available during the rainy season.

For more related informations about hotels in Subic and Olongapo area please visit www.coolsubic.com and www.subic-hotels.com