Olongapo/Subic Information


There is a now a significant population of about 300 Americans and some Australians and Europeans, mostly in Barrio Barretto. With the new forces agreement with the U.S. that is expected to rise. Most of the retiree population is either retired Navy or Marine Corps. There are a few Army and some Air force and Coasties. It seems most retirees end up in the area they are most familiar and comfortable with. IE; Navy/USMC Subic, USA/ Air force Angeles.

Tourist season is Nov - Mar, between the rainy season and the hot months of Apr - Jun. "Rainy season" in recent years has been exactly that. We usually get 3-4 “typhoons” (hurricanes) each year. We haven’t really had a really strong one in the last two years but, we had a few scares. In February 2014 we had quite a bit of rain and some flooding in Baretto and Olongapo. The most recent typhoon “Glenda” in July 2014, caused some concern but fortunately veered south after hitting Bataan . We only got a little rain and some wind which knocked out power for awhile and downed some tree limbs.  (if you plan on staying in the Subic area it’s a good idea to bring a generator (220 V).