Olongapo/Subic Information

Local Transportation

Buses and jeepneys are still very cheap. The aircon Victory Liner is about 400 pesos round trip to Manila, and the two jeepneys from Magsaysay Avenue to Barrio Barretto are 9 pesos total each way, 15 pesos to and from Subic.

If you are an American citizen and you decide to get a drivers license you will be asked to get a "student drivers permit". This permit will last for about six months, after which you can then take the drivers exam however, the requirements are you must be of legal age and have a resident visa, 13 (A) 13 (G). After you have met the requirements you may take the exam and exchange your state side license for a local license. Depending on what state you come from will be the deciding factor of how much you pay LTO for the license exchange. During the time you have the student drivers permit you may drive on your state side license.