Olongapo/Subic Information


TELEPHONE The telephone system is vastly improved over the past, with phones now in many homes. Local telephone calls are metered - the longer you talk, the more it costs. Subic even has a digital switchboard!! Cellular phone service is also available.

ELECTRICITY Electrical power is now fairly reliable as well, but not cheap (also mostly 220V). With two aircons running in a 3 BR house, the bill runs about $80/month during the summer months (Apr - Jun).

WATER City water is inexpensive and higher quality than the old days. Subic's and Barretto's is better than Olongapo's.

TELEVISION Cable TV is available providing all the Manila channels plus CNN International, HBO, Cinemax, ESPN Asia, The Discovery Channel, The Disney Channel, and the STAR Movie channel from Hong Kong.

INTERNET There are two Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the Subic Bay area. HVisions ISP office is located at 26 National Hiway, Barrio Barretto. Subic Vision is located on SBFZ. People using the Olongapo telephone exchange favor HVisions because the telephone company metering charge is about one half that of calls placed to SBFZ. Internet prepaid cards which cost 2$ are also becoming popular this days, because its prepaid you can be sure that you get your money's worth.