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Retired Activities Office
Subic Bay, Philppines

RAO Subic Bay is an Independent Retired Activities Coordination Office which provides vital services to U.S. military retirees living in this area, remote from any Military installation.

Authorization & Support
The RAO is authorized by SECNAVINST 5420.169J and OPNAVINST 1720.3F to tailor its services to the needs of the local retired community, and bears full responsibility for financing its operation and maintenance costs. The RAO receives the same DoD support offered to any retiree or patriotic organization.

Corrections, Additions & Deletions
This informal and unofficial information was prepared by members of the RAO who are also members of the VFW, FRA and American Legion. If you note any errors, want to contribute, or would like to see something revised, added or deleted, please pass your comments to RAO Voice or call/email the RAO Director at the address listed below.


0900 to 1500 Monday through Friday
Closed on US and Philippine Holidays


Jack Walker OR: PSC 517 Box 5000R
USMC (Ret.) FPO AP 96517
Director Phone: [+63] 47-222-2314
P.O. Box 075 Fax: [+63] 47-222-2899
Olongapo City, 2200 Philippines Email: dir@raosubic.com
Events & Activities
Embassy Outreach

Fri., January 17, 2020
8:00am to 11:00 Mansion Garden, Hotel Dewey Avenue, cor. Bonifacio St. SBFZ, Olongapo City

March News Letter
(March 2020)


RAO Subic Christmas Party

December 23, 2019 (Monday)

Toys For Tykes 2019

December 21, 2019 (Saturday)

Hell Ship Remembrance Ceremony

December 18, 2019 (Wednesday)

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New Year's U.S./PHL Wed, Jan. 1
M. L. King Jr. U.S. Mon, Jan. 20
Chinese New Year PHL Sat, Jan. 25
Presidents Day U.S. Mon, Feb. 17
Bataan & Corregidor PHL Thu, Apr. 9
Maundy Thurs PHL Thu, Apr. 9
Good Friday PHL Fri, Apr. 10
Phil. Labor PHL Fri, May. 1
U.S. Memorial U.S. Mon, May. 25
Eid-ul-Fitr PHL Sun, May. 24
Philippine Independence PHL Fri, Jun. 12
U.S. Independence U.S. Sat, Jul. 4
Ninoy Aquino PHL Fri, Aug. 21
Heroes PHL Mon, Aug. 31
U.S. Labor U.S. Mon, Sep. 7
Columbus U.S. Mon, Oct. 12
All Saints PHL Sun, Nov. 1
Veterans U.S. Wed, Nov. 11
Thanksgiving U.S. Thu, Nov. 26
Bonifacio PHL Mon, Nov. 30
Christmas U.S./PHL Fri, Dec. 25
Rizal Day PHL Wed, Dec. 30

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Important Announcement
RAO Subic Closure

No closures for this month

RAO Updates (March 16, 2020)

Quick Update

B.I. in Olongapo requires face mask for entry.

Please visit our facebook for updates on local and SBMA restrictions etc, soon after they are announced.

Mail will get through just like pony express. We have been advised that our driver will be permitted to enter Manila for the purpose of picking up mail and V A meds, we had to get special dispensation but looks like it will happen.

We have been requested by local government to curtail our hours to help with the social distancing perspective of the China Virus.

As most of you know the staff at RAO are volunteers. We come here everyday out of love and concern for our veterans and family. The average age of those getting sick and dying from the China virus is 67 which is well within range of our membership average. So the RAO could quickly become ground zero for exposure.

Out of respect and in a spirit cooperation with the local government we have decided to reduce our hours of operation but to also offer alternatives to members coming to the RAO.

Effective immediately;

  1. We will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 0900-1700.
  2. We will also encourage max participation in the use of email, with a goal of responding within 24 hours.
  3. Members are asked to please consider others if you are ill and not come to the RAO.
  4. Members will be required to wear a mask or other face covering when coming to RAO. most people arent well versed in the wearing of masks and dont realize the mask isnt for your protection as much as it is for others when you cough.
  5. We offer courier delivery of mail to members who live in the southern provinces and are now encouraging those living outside olongapo to participate. You leave a P500 deposit and we have LBC or JRS deliver your mail to your door. You will be advised as your balance is used. Overall saves you time and money unless you just like coming here to see the pretty girls.

These policies will be revisited every 2 weeks to determine effectiveness. We welcome constructive criticism regarding these policies but for those who are affected minimally or sit on FB all day looking for things to bitch about, your criticism is not welcome. These actions are responsible and made out of concern for your safety and health.

SBMA Entry Restrictions

SBMA has implemented restricted access to SBFZ, due to the virus that came from China. There has been one reported case of possible contamination and it looks like SBMA's farsighted leader intends to try to keep it that way. Therefore effective 12 am 16 March to 12 am 12 April. Below is the FAQ sheet explaining who is authorized entry. For those of us not lawyers, and just normal folk, simply stated, if you are not a resident, student or employed at or by the base, you can't enter. Going deeper, no visits to Royal, BPI, Malls, restaurants etc, if you aren't a resident, student or employee. They will be checking for I.D.'s to show you qualify for entry.

MANILA VA OUTPATIENT CLINIC and Embassy Proclamation Regarding “Community Quarantine” in Metro Manila (TRUNCATED VERSION with added remarks)

As of 4:00p on Friday, March 13, 2020, VA Manila and Embassy fully intends to remain open for business on Monday, March 16, 2020, and continue operations going forward, until advised otherwise. As long as our staff can come to work, the Clinic will be open for patient care. The best source of information on this rapidly evolving topic right now are reputable news media outlets in the Philippines, and the US Embassy Website (US Embassy of the Philippines) and US Embassy Philippines Twitter Account (@USEmbassyPH). VA Manila Regional Office and Outpatient Clinic are both part of the United States Embassy, so any decisions that are made regarding the operations or closure of the US Embassy will also directly impact operations at VA Manila. Please ensure you are reading news from trusted sources! It has been reported that domestic air, land, and sea travel will be limited beginning March 15, 2020 and lasting until April 12, 2020. The final decisions about whom these limitations will apply to have not been formally announced by the Philippine Government. VA Manila is proactively working to mail controlled substance prescriptions renewals that would have been due between March 16 and April 3, 2020, to Veterans residing outside Luzon out of an abundance of caution in case our couriers, Air 21 and LBC, are unable to transport packages to other locations due to reduced or cancelled air services. For Veterans who may need to travel from other islands to Luzon to access the VA, or the Embassy, please pay close attention to the most current information available prior to departing your home island. VA Manila will not have any ability to help you return home if you arrive in Manila this weekend and all domestic air travel from Manila is suspended on Monday. If this happens, you may need to travel to Angeles City and Clark Airport, which is outside of the Metro Manila Community Quarantine Zone, and should continue to have domestic air travel options. In this case, you may wish to call the Clinic to cancel and reschedule your appointment. Our contact information is provided below. Please stay up to date on the latest information about COVID19 through the links below, and about VA’s operational status in the Philippines via the US Embassy. You are always welcome to contact the clinic directly - #MyVA (#6982) or +63-02-8550-3888, Option 2. You can email the VA Manila Clinic Manager as well with questions or concerns at daniel.gutkoski2@va.gov. Added-- It appears from the released information from the Phil government, that mass transportation to and from Manila is restricted. Therefore it could be assumed that if you take a bus to Manila you will not be able to reach your destination. If you drive you might be able to get there, but no guarantees as the restrictions have not been fully clarified. You should call VA or the Embassy before you head that way to see what the latest information is. Also if you are ill please do not go to the VA or Embassy. Please call if you cannot make your appt for whatever reason, and reschedule, this also applies to VES appts, in the Manila area. We still at this time do not know how the FPO mail will be affected, which also has a direct affect on meds from VA. Soon as we know we will promulgate that info.

Where to get additional information: The following sites have information that may be useful to Veterans in the Philippines

  1. Philippine Department of Health
  2. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  3. US Department of Veterans Affairs
  4. US Embassy in the Philippines

Message for U.S. Citizens: Dumaguete City Outreach Canceled - March 20, 2020 (Updated Copy)

Due to the recent Philippine government announcement suspending all domestic air, sea, and land travel to and from Metro Manila, the Outreach has been canceled until further notice.

Great Information for Subic Bay Area

Making Subic Experience Awesome! SubicGo.com is a tourism portal designed for local and international tourists visiting the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.


Its official, as of today 16 August 2018, Ace/Baypointe is authorized to accept Tricare patients under the Preferred Provider category. You will have to check with the HMO office to ensure your Dr. is also on the Preferred Provider list. There are currently 31 Dr's who are, but check to be sure or you will have to pay the Dr's fees.

And oh by the way, please resist the urge to repeat the bad news bears (you know the ones who have their names stenciled on the back of their bar stool) who are spreading rumors about ACE BAYPOINTE and Medical City Clark suspending FMP due to non payment. IT DIDNT HAPPEN! Medical city Ortigas did due to non payment by FMP. Come to find out they gave FMP the wrong mailing address to which FMP mailed the payments. All is fixed now and they have withdrawn the suspension.Â

Old saying better to be quiet and be thought a fool, than opening mouth and leave no doubt.

I have taken the opportunity to compile a list of what Drs, and Specialties AT ACE BAYPOINTE, to the best of my knowledge are also certified as preferred providers. The hospital is in the process of adding to this list. As you all are aware this list changes without notice, so before getting treatment it would be to your benefit to check with the hospital HMO office to ensure the Dr you will receive treatment from is in fact still certified as preferred. The HMO can be reached at 047-250-6070 ext 283 or 507.

Name Name Specialization Specialization Gender Gender
Ablang, Alberto Mariano, MD Pediatrics, Critical Care Male
Ablang, Marietta, MD Internal Medicine, Cardiology Female
Aguila, Beverly, MD Internal Medicine, Cardiology Female
Aguila, Beverly, MD Internal Medicine, Cardiology Female
Aguilar, Rodrigo Gastronology/Int Med Male
Alconga, Rudy Pediatrics Male
Bernal, Gerald, MD Internal Medicine, Cardiology Male
Bongco, Jesusa Anesthesiology Female
Bongco, Rosario Endocrinology Male
Bustamante, Rodrick Anesthesiology Male
Calapatia, David, MD Family Medicine Male
Cepeda, Armando, MD Surgery, General Male
Cepeda, Monette, MD Neurology Female
De Castro, Felicisimo, MD Ophthalmology Male
De Castro, Ma. Gloria, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology Female
Dela Cruz, Anthony, MD Internal Medicine, Diabetology; Occupational Health Male
Dela Paz, Emmanuel, MD Orthopedics Male
DeLeon, Roberto Gen Surgery Male
Edejer, Karl Erjon, MD Anesthesiology Male
Guevara, Luis, MD Radiology Male
Hipolito, Charina Internal Medicine, Pulmonology Female
Mallari, Lourdes ENT Ear, Nose,Throat Female
Mangahas, Rolan Opthamology Male
Manuel, Jesse Jewel, MD Surgery, Orthopedic Male
Mendoza, Arturo, Jr., MD Surgery, General (Laparoscopic) Male
Ocampo, Armida, MD Internal Medicine, Pulmonology Female
Pasqual, Jeanette Orthopedics Male
Rojo, Margaret, MD Anesthesiology Female
Santos, Wilfredo, MD Surgery, General ; Surgery, Oncology Male
Soriano, Maria Agnes, MD Internal Medicine, Diabetology Female
Tablan, Apolonario Jr Urology Male
Velchez, Carlos Hematology/Int Med Male
Hipolito, Charina Internal Medicine, Pulmonology Female
Villareal, Paolo, MD Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Male
We continue to see vets who are receiving EOB's and checks for treatment at Medical City and Baypointe (ACE). Please be aware you should not cash these checks. They should be given to the hospitals. Should you cash the check a few things can happen, 1st FMP or Tricare may demand repayment, if you don't they can notify the IRS and either a garnishment or 1099 will be received and they get their money in the end possibly including interest. It can also be placed on your credit report. Secondly, you may be refused future treatment at the hospitals as you have an outstanding balance. Worst of all we may lose the hospitals as providers for FMP or Tricare. Sure wouldn't want to be the guy who causes all your fellow vets to lose that, they might be a little pissed when they find out it was you! You know how quickly word spreads around here!

Just want to draw your attention to some very useful videos being offered for free through va by psycharmor. View their catalog at https://psycharmor.Org/course s/s-a-v-e/.

Urgent Update: Reimbursment Checks:
It appears there is a malfunction with both TRICARE and FMP regarding reimbursement checks. They incorrectly recently have been sending the checks to the veteran vice the provider. Both have been notified this is the incorrect way to handle these checks! If you receive a check for a claim that was filed by the Hospital, please do not cash it. The hospitals participation was negotiated so that the hospital would receive payment. If they do not we will lose their services. The payment must be taken to the hospital and signed over to them to be encashed.

Special thank you to police station 6 Barrio Baretto for notification of recently deceased American Citizen! Their handling of situation was extremely professional, thanks SPO De Leon.